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Trust and Safety s committed to protecting your privacy: it’s the foundation for a safe and trusted community. Our privacy policy outlines what information we collect from you, how we use that information, and what choices you have regarding how and whether we can use your information.

How does create an inclusive learning space?

Community Standards

Tutorsonline's mandatory code of conduct creates a safe and trusted space for our diverse community of teachers, parents, and learners.

Small Class Sizes

Tutorsonline's intimate classes naturally provide a more nurturing experience. Teachers customize their class sizes for a personalized learning experience.

Class Content

Tutorsonline's class content policies ensure that classes are not only objective, secular, and age-appropriate, but guard against discrimination, hate speech, or violence.

Verified Learners

While we encourage learners to enable video throughout the class because we believe that it makes for a more social (and safer) experience, we do accommodate camera shy learners when possible.


Our public reviews (from parents like you!) are designed to help you decide whether a class and/or teacher would be a good fit for your learner.

Happiness Policy

Our Happiness Policy underscores our commitment that you will have a positive learning experience; when you don’t, we’ll make it right.

How do we safeguard our community?

    We manually screen teachers and classes and this involves several steps:
    1. Application: we screen every teacher for their background, teaching experience, subject matter expertise, and motivation. We also assess their teaching setup.
    2. Review classes: every class description is reviewed by our team before it is published. We check for the quality and completeness of the class description, adherence to our  Class Content Policy and the relevance of the teacher’s background and experience.
    3. Background check: we conduct a SSN-based background check for identity verification and criminal record checks before a teacher starts their first class. website and by a video conferencing platform called Zoom. All Zoom meetings on are password protected to ensure only teachers and students can access them. Additionally, our meetings are customized to give control to teachers (not students) over who enters the classroom, as well as basic functions like screen sharing and audio/video, which allows teachers to take swift action in the event of a problem arising in class. records its classes in order to provide coaching to teachers and for customer service and compliance purposes. Also, learners sometimes like to watch the class recording to revisit that tricky math concept explanation! That being said, we also care deeply about our learners’ and teachers’ privacy, which is why we’ve implemented processes to safeguard those privacy rights. We require families to agree to never share the recordings with anyone before they view them. If a parent does not want his or her children recorded, we allow those learners to “opt out” of video recordings once we verify they are children. Our video recordings are never presented in a downloadable format. We retain the videos on our platform for six months, after which we delete them. We never share class recordings (or any of our community members’ personally identifying information) outside for marketing purposes or for any other reason without your explicit consent.
Our Trust and Safety team monitors for and screens for unwanted materials or behavior, consistent with our code of conduct. We swiftly investigate and respond as necessary.
Our privacy policy outlines what information we collect from you, how we use that information, and what choices you have regarding how and whether we can use your information. Further, not only complies with the measures set forth by the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) with regards to children under 13, but extends COPPA protections to all children on our site.
  1. You, or a responsible adult who you designate, should monitor your learner’s participation in classes. Learners interact with the teacher and other learners over group video chat or by posting and commenting in the classroom.
  2. We’ve compiled useful resources and recommendations on online privacy and safety in our help center.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our safety policies or any safety-related concerns.

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