Camera Shy Learners

Learner Verification

Learner safety is our top priority. One critical step in protecting our classroom community during each class, and in promoting open and positive communications, is to ensure that each participant is in fact a child (ages 3-18). To confirm that only children are enrolled in our classes, we require that each learner either join the class with video enabled, or connect by video with the teacher at least once at the beginning of the class. This allows the teacher to confirm that the learner is in fact a child. With that confirmation from the teacher, your learner may then elect to participate with the camera disabled.

We understand, however, that not all families have video access for such confirmation, or may not want to enable video for a myriad of reasons. Fret not: we have an alternative Child Learner Verification process! Simply email with questions. This process can take up to a week, so please email us well in advance of your class.

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