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What to know before you apply

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Is Tutors Online a fit for me and my organization? Confirm you meet these requirements before reading on.

  • My organization is a licensed business entity.
  • My organization has at least two teachers above the age of 18 who will teach on Tutors Online.
  • My organization and teachers are located within the 50 United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, and Wales.

How does Tutors Online work?

Tutors Online is a platform and marketplace for live, online, small-group classes for kids ages 3-18.

While the majority of Tutors Online families are based in the United States, we serve a diverse population of learners ages 3-18, located across the globe in over 200 countries. We do not offer or allow any classes for adults above 18 or children below the age of 3 at this time.

Classes meet in small groups with learners from all over the world. Teachers and organizations offer more than 90,000 classes, from one-time interest-based classes to semester-long core curriculum courses. Our focus is on small-group, live online classes, though we support a variety of other formats as well.

Since the start of the pandemic, interest in high-quality, interactive online learning options has exploded, and there are now close to a million and a half families in our database, with 100-150K visiting the site each day. To help organizations meet this demand, Tutors Online offers a turnkey platform to help organizations bring their programming online and reach a large global audience. We set every organization partner up with a branded page where you can post all of your different class offerings – you choose the topics, pricing, and schedule.

Your organization’s classes are taught directly on the Tutors Online platform, which is powered by Zoom and includes features like chat, messaging before and after class, and the ability to post/upload work. Enrollments and payment (via Paypal) also happen automatically through the platform.

Benefits of becoming an organization on Tutors Online

Organizations partner with Tutors Online to bring their classes, programming, and curriculum to learners across the globe. Organizations simply invite their staff to teach classes on Tutors Online, and can fully manage their own class curricula, schedules, enrollments, and learner/parent communications through the platform.


As an Organization on Tutors Online, you’ll get:

  • An easy to use, safe and secure platform to seamlessly manage class enrollments, schedules, payments, class content, class sizes, prices, curricula, and communication with learners.
  • Access to over 1M Tutors Online families across the globe, with 150K visiting the site each day.
  • Marketing support via paid social media ads and twice-weekly newsletters.
  • Flexibility to determine how many classes you will offer, the topics, the pricing and the schedule.
  • The ability to easily assign your teachers to teach different classes and sections.
  • A dedicated team to support your Organization as you build your following and serve your learners.

Requirements for Tutors Online organizations and teachers

Organizations must have more than one teacher, be a legal business entity of some kind, and all teachers and administrators must be located within the 50 United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. While we cannot currently support organizations located outside these regions, we hope to be able to soon.

While we do not require teaching credentials, Tutors Online has several requirements for Teachers. Most importantly, every teacher must be at least 18 years of age and reside full-time within a supported country, as listed above.

All teachers on Tutors Online are required to pass a background check. This can be done easily through our provider, Checkr, at no additional cost to you.

If you are an organization of just one teacher, please apply to be a teacher on Tutors Online. We do not accept individual teachers as Organizations.

How your organization account works on Tutors Online

From your organization account, you’ll be able to design curricula, create classes, manage scheduling, invite teachers and assign them to class sections, communicate with learners and parents in each class, and manage enrollments.

All parent feedback and reviews will be directed to the Organization, and visible from the public organization profile and on each class listing. You can view these examples from Raddish Kids and Pretzel Kids Yoga.

As an Organization, you easily invite teachers to teach your class sections.Your teachers do not apply individually, but simply accept your invitation. Remember, each teacher is required to pass a background check.

Marketing and promoting classes, on and off Tutors Online

Tutors Online promotes your classes via weekly newsletters that reach 800k+ families with classes targeted to their interests, as well as paid social marketing (including Facebook reach of 18M), and all classes are searchable, so parents around the world can find you and follow you. To help you share your presence on Tutors Online with your existing audience, we provide you with a unique referral code giving the recipient up to $20 off their first class.

We encourage our organization partners to promote their Tutors Online classes on their own website and marketing materials. Please see examples from our partners at Connected Camps, Success Enrichment Group, and The Travelling Stage.

Once you become an organization on Tutors Online, we will provide additional guidance on making the most of your partnership, including ideas for marketing and greater visibility of your classes.

Logistics: managing learners and classes on and off Tutors Online

Partner organizations may continue offering classes outside of what they offer on Tutors Online, in-person or through their own technology platform(s), but only students who enrolled in the class through Tutors Online are allowed to participate in your Tutors Online classes, and your Tutors Online Zoom links cannot be shared. Organizations are not allowed to offer the same course on another platform at a lower price. Once up and running on Tutors Online, many of our partner organizations choose to move all of their virtual content to our platform.

All Tutors Online live classes use our private Zoom account. Organizations cannot use their own Zoom accounts or other platforms for live online meetings. Learners must access the class Zoom meeting through the Tutors Online classroom on our platform. All learners must be enrolled through their family’s Tutors Online account to access classes.

While you cannot combine enrollments from Tutors Online and those enrolled directly with your organization, we’ll support you in transitioning all your enrollments to Tutors Online. Learners cannot join an Tutors Online class meeting on Zoom from any other site, email, or link.

Additional specifics: running classes on Tutors Online

If your class requires a purchase of materials (ie. a kit) for learners, you may communicate a description of the materials needed and any links where families should make the purchase in your class. Payment for such materials, and fulfillment of any additional purchases, cannot take place via Tutors Online for privacy protections.

If you’d like to offer private classes for only your existing learners to attend, you have the option to create private sections, which can only be accessed by people whom you share the links with. We require that all classes have at least a 1:1 ratio of public to private sections.

Safety and Privacy on Tutors Online

All Tutors Online classes are recorded for safety and quality assurance. Recordings are only viewable by learners enrolled in class (if you choose), teachers or Organizations running class, and Tutors Online staff. Please read more about class recordings, sharing recordings, and trust and safety at Tutors Online.

When parents and learners take classes on Tutors Online, we protect their privacy by not sharing their email or other contact information with teachers or organizations. All communication takes place on Tutors Online platform. With the Tutors Online classroom, you have full access to message both learners and parents. You will not get any email lists for enrolled families.

Types of classes your organization can teach on Tutors Online

You can teach many different types of classes on Tutors Online, in several different formats. Subjects and topics might range from traditional core curriculum subjects, such as math, language arts, and writing, to more pop culture topics like Dungeons & Dragons, Wings of Fire, or Stranger Things. We also see a wide variety of STEAM classes covering everything from coding and engineering, physics, veterinary care, and video games, and a breadth of enrichment activities like cooking, dance, art, music, yoga, and meditation.

We currently offer several different class formats: one-time classes, multi-day classes, ongoing classes, and flex classes. Please read more on our class formats.

When thinking about creating your classes and class materials for Tutors Online, we encourage you to read more about our class content policy and standards for class listing. You can also take a look at some example class listings on Tutors Online.

Financials: payments and pricing

Families purchase Tutors Online classes on a per-class basis. As a partner Organization, you’ll receive all payments from Tutors Online via PayPal, based on the number of enrollments in each class section.

Tutors Online retains a service fee each time a learner enrolls in class. Tutors Online retains 30% of the parent’s enrollment cost, and organizations receive 70%. We use this 30% service fee to cover the cost of Zoom licensing, credit card fees, paid marketing of your classes, and top-tier support from our team.

Your payout amount for each section is 70% of each enrollment fee, multiplied by the number of learners in each class section. For most classes, you will receive payment for a section 7 or 8 days after its start date. There are no additional fees to offer classes on Tutors Online as an organization.

While Tutors Online is a marketplace and you can price your classes however you’d like, we’ve found the $10-15 per learner per hour range to be a helpful benchmark. However, many successful classes are priced outside this range.

Tutors Online currently has multiple types of refund policies you can choose from, depending on the class format. Read more about our Refund Policies and Happiness Guarantee. All refunds within our standard terms are paid by the Organization.

Agreement details: intellectual property and exclusivity

Tutors Online maintains the right to use any publicly available content (like class listings) for promotions and marketing. Tutors Online cannot use or sell your curriculum in any way and you retain ownership of your curriculum and lesson plans.

Classes you offer on Tutors Online cannot be offered for lower cost on other platforms, including your own website. The exclusivity clause of the agreement does not restrict you from offering your programming through other channels.

I’m an Tutors Online teacher interested in becoming an organization on Tutors Online

If you’re currently an Tutors Online teacher, we welcome you to apply to become an Organization, as long as you’re looking to enable multiple teachers to teach the same curriculum on Tutors Online, under a cohesive Organization brand.

If you’d like to to convert your existing Tutors Online teacher account to an Organization account, please complete the application while logged in. Once your account is converted, it can no longer be used as an individual teacher account. Your reviews and classes will transfer to the organization.

If you want to retain your existing teacher account and create a separate organization account, please log out of your Tutors Online account, then create a new account to apply as an organization. Please use a separate email address from your teaching account.

Acing your application and launching with Tutors Online

In your application to partner with us as an Organization on Tutors Online, please include links to your website and to public reviews. You should include information about your programming and the educators teaching your classes. Writing a great first class description will help our team understand the specifics of classes you want to teach on Tutors Online!

There are 2 steps to complete before your application is reviewed:

  1. Submit the application
  2. Sign the agreement (in the Agreement tab)

Once both these steps have been completed, your application will be reviewed by our team within 5 business days. At this time, we are unable to give specific feedback on rejected applications.

Once approved, organizations spend about 2-3 weeks creating their profile, listing their first class(es), and scheduling sections. If you complete each step quickly, it’s easy to launch sooner. We recommend listing sections at least 2 weeks before their start date to get enrollments.

We look forward to partnering with you!

We look forward to partnering with you!

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