How do I find wholesale gemstone suppliers in Australia?

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When you are looking at variety, Australian comprehensive gemstone suppliers ensure it is all. Discovered in various regions across the land, including Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy, these fiery beauties are a must-have for brilliant article any gem collector. Opals, with their kaleidoscopic play-of-color, are probably Australia's most famous gemstone. From the iconic opals to the mesmerizing sapphires, there is a little something to fit every taste and budget.

The country's one of a kind geological conditions have resulted in the development of unusual and captivating gemstone varieties, like the lively pink diamonds found in the Argyle mine. In addition to opals and sapphires, Australian wholesalers offer you a different selection of many other gemstones. Rubies, emeralds, and amethysts are just a small number of examples of the stunning gems that may be sourced from Down Under.

In the late 1800's prospectors had been finding what they thought ended up being abnormal stones and the pioneer gemstone mine started developing at the city of Morgan. Nonetheless, it was later found to be worthless ore

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